Fire and Steel

Harry Potter Magic Wands

These wands are replicas of the ones used by characters in the Harry Potter series. High quality resin and contain a metal core inside. These are blunt and cosplay friendly. Sold individually. Please also check out this page for the wands from the companion movie series Fantastic Beasts.

Twenty-nine styles currently available. Collect them all! 

NOTE: Please select your wand style from the drop down list (Please refer to reference pictures).Twenty-nine styles are available:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Lord Voldemort
  3. Hermione Granger
  4. Albus Dumbledore/Elder Wand
  5. Ron Weasley
  6. Severus Snape
  7. Sirius Black
  8. Luna Lovegood (2nd Version)
  9. Fleur Delacour
  10. Ginny Weasley
  11. Luna Lovegood (1st Version)
  12. Narcissa Malfoy
  13. Cedric Diggory
  14. Draco Malfoy
  15. Death Eater (Skull Version)
  16. Dolores Umbridge
  17. Mad-Eye Moody
  18. Harry Potter's Blackthorn
  19. Mundungus Fletcher
  20. Neville Longbottom
  21. Nymphadora Tonks
  22. Remus Lupin
  23. Death Eater (Snake Version)
  24. George Weasley
  25. Bellatrix Lestrange
  26. Cho Chang
  27. Minerva McGonagall
  28. Fred Weasley
  29. Lucius Malfoy

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