Fire and Steel

Demon Slayer - Obanai Iguro's Kaburamaru (High Density Foam)

"Obanai, having always been partially blind in his right eye, developed a combat technique utilizing his snake Kaburamaru. Kaburamaru is able to read enemy attacks and then relay that information to Obanai. The full extent of this technique is demonstrated when Obanai is completely blinded by Muzan, but he is still able to continue fighting as if nothing happened"

-- From Wikipedia


Replica of Obanai Iguro's snake Kaburamaru from the anime series Demon Slayer. 123 cm total length. Entire snake is made to be free-bending, adjustable and retain its form when adjusted. Constructed with high density foam and fiberglass core to enhance stability. Perfect for costume use and cosplay. 


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