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Exotic Bristle Gun

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Background of the Exotic Bristle Gun

The Exotic Bristle Gun is an infamous weapon in the video game series Destiny. Crafted with unique arcane magic, this exotic hand cannon has a background of destruction and chaos, hungry for the forces of Light.

The Exotic Bristle Gun is a dark, sleek weapon with thorn-like spikes protruding from the side and the front. Designed for precise aim, this weapon also shoots out giant daggers capable of deadly impact.

Real life replica of the Exotic Bristle Gun

Our masterfully crafted replica gun is inspired by the Exotic Bristle Gun, including its uniquely spiked design and shape. This handmade quality resin replica is 38 cm (15 in) and comes with a display stand.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a resin replica that does not actually fire bullets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Austin Grdina
Amazing replica!

I absolutely LOVE this thing, the only issuyi have with it, is the handle is a bit on the short side, if it was like 1-2 inches longer it would be perfect.

Michael Peters

Love it

Incredible and well made

Stumbled across this site and cant get enough of the options. This is a great replica and has a good weight to the peice, looks spot on with whats in the games and I love holding the gun my freind shot me with so many tines before I finally got mine lol. I was so impressed with the quality i actually just ordered a replica of choas eater from darksiders, cant wait for it to come in and add another amazing peice to my collection!

Groom Gift

Ordered this for a friend getting married. The fellas all chipped in and I made the order. Ordering and shipping where easy and on time. The quality of the product was, I’m told, amazing! We did a video chat with all the fellas when my brother presented it to him at his bachelors party. Couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the product and company. Thank you!

Amazing quality

My son is a huge Destiny fan and I bought this for him for Christmas. I was honestly amazed when I opened it up to check it out. The resin is very solid and gives the gun a quality feel almost like it's metal. The detail is beautiful and he is going to go nuts when he sees this. This is no cheap plastic toy. Something he will play with constantly at his age and once older, he can put it on his dresser as a nice art display with the included stand.