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One Piece - Kozuki Oden's "Ame No Habakiri" Katana (1st Edition)

$99.99 CAD

"Ame no Habakiri is one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords. It was once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside his other blade, Enma, and is one of the only two weapons ever to injure Kaido. After Oden's death, it was bequeathed to his son, Kozuki Momonosuke."

-- From Wikipedia.

Ame no Habakiri (trans. "Snake-Slayer of Heaven) is a replica sword from the anime series One Piece. 104cm. Carbon steel blade. Comes blunted with wooden scabbard. Matching sword to Roronoa Zoro's Enma.

Note: Battle-ready (sharpened) option also available here

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