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La "Lumière Lambent" d'Asuna

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Contexte de l'épée d'Asuna

Yuuki Asuna est connue pour être très habile et rapide avec sa rapière, c'est pourquoi elle a gagné son surnom de "The Flash". Elle a aidé Kirito à vaincre le boss final et à libérer les joueurs piégés dans le jeu.

Asuna brandit le Lambent Light, l'épée emblématique qu'Asuna utilise avec son immense vitesse. La vitesse d'Asuna est mise en valeur lorsqu'elle utilise la compétence d'épée originale à onze coups, "Mother's Rosario", pour vaincre le boss du 100e étage. Le Lambent Light est une rapière à une main dotée d'une grande garde en forme de bol avec deux pierres précieuses de chaque côté, ainsi que d'un manche de couleur bleu clair.

Réplique émoussée de l'épée d'Asuna

Notre véritable épée soigneusement conçue s'inspire de l'épée d'Asuna, y compris la lame emblématique en acier au carbone et sa garde en forme de bol. Cette réplique en métal de l'épée Asuna mesure 112 cm (44 po) de long et est livrée avec un étui en bois. La lame est émoussée et constitue un accessoire idéal pour la décoration de la maison ou pour une séance photo de cosplay.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Norsworthy
Asians lambent light

Got the sword for my daughter who absolutely loves it

Jordan Allan
Looks and feels amazing

Bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it. There was no issues with the sword it came in perfect condition.

The sword has some weight to it and is fully carbon steel great buy!

Ariel Weisberg
Looks great

Bought to use as a wall hanger. Level of detail is perfect for that. You have to hold it up to your face to see the very small isolated paint defects.

Fulfillment took a while and the box was torn and styrofoam holding it was on its last legs, but it managed to make it to me undamaged and the box was heavily taped to keep it closed.

Asunas Lambent Light looks Awesome

"I'm sorry, I can't hear too well right now, I think I know what you said, what it meant. That it's finally over, and finally, finally! I get to meet you!

So anyway, my name is Asuna, Asuna Yuuki, and I'm finally back!"

Lambent Light looks and feels awesome. Paint is excellent.

david spiering
looks great feels great. amazing quality

for the past several years I've been going to fan expo and looking at swords and other weaponry. in general they are light flimsy poorly painted and mass produced to sell cheap at cons and other events. last year I found fire and steel. all of the swords and weapons they sell have actual weight to them, they are rigid maintain their shapen well, the paint is baked into the steel not just coated on top and most of their products are officially licensed. not to mention they give deals and have great knowledge of the items they sell. I now own 6 swords(not a lot.. yet) all from them and have had no issues and a lot of compliments from friends and family. definitely will be buying more from them in the future.