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L'arme de poing "Le Chacal" d'Alucard

$129.99 CAD

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Réplique du pistolet de combat anti-freak automatique Hellsing ARMS 13 mm d'Alucard, Jackal (généralement appelé "Le Chacal") de l'anime Hellsing. Résine de qualité faite à la main. 39 cm x 16 cm. Entièrement détaillé avec des gravures des deux côtés. Livré avec présentoir. Arme assortie à l'arme de poing "Casull" d'Alucard.

REMARQUE : Ce n'est PAS une vraie arme à feu. Il s'agit d'une réplique en résine qui ne tire pas de balles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
haider abdulridha
Alucard’s Jackal Handgun

Good quality, looks great if you’re a fan of hellsing

This thing is incredible

Out of all the places I've looked at buying a replica of one of my favourite guns in fiction, I'm glad I picked here. This thing looks like you pulled it right out of Ultimate, it's almost uncanny. It emulates perfectly the absurdity of a gun like this. It's basically the length of my forearm and weighs a couple pounds on top of that. Not only that, but it's pre-painted and done beautifully on top of having a very nice finish/texture to all areas of the gun. There are no mechanisms (you can't pull down the hammer and the trigger doesn't move) which was expected. If it wasn't for that comically long barrel, you might be stuck at a weapons checking station for a while if you're using it for a cosplay, it's that high quality.

The only issue I have with the entire setup is not even with the gun, but rather the stand it comes with is kinda delicate and of a poorer quality, but none of those issues are present in the gun, so it's not a dealbreaker to me. Overall, this thing is so sick I would honestly just buy as a shelf-piece, even if I didn't intend to use it for a cosplay or anything. I'm definitely buying the Casull next whenever that's in stock.

Paden Harney
They look Amazing

There’s replicas look amazing and sturdy. The materials are nice and I trust this place. I really want one but it’s kinda expensive so I will have to wait.

Oh my god!

I was hoping that Fire and Steel would do these guns for over a year now. And it was so worth the wait. I bought this along with the Casull and when I opened the box I almost cried. They are amazing! They’re so beautiful and well made. Thank you so much for making these!