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Épée de Kahless Bat'Leth

Prix d'origine $149.99 CAD
Prix actuel $109.99 CAD

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Réplique émoussée de l'épée de Kahless Bat'Leth Blade de la série télévisée Star Trek. L'Épée de Kahless fut le premier bat'leth jamais forgé. 73 x 18 cm hors tout. Acier Carbone. 1,2 kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Derenda Thomas

Sword of Kahless Bat'Leth

Fantastic item!

I'm really pleased with this replica. Well worth every dollar!

Bruce Fader

My wife loves it. She's wanted one for decades now, and thanks to you, her wish has been fulfilled.

MJ Triola
The Real Thing: Kahless Bat'leth in Every Sense of the Word

A fantastic duplicate, not a replica, of a Kahless-style bat'leth from Star Trek. Strong metal construction with the great style. Enamel Klingon trefoil on the center point. An actual weapon, the tips come with rubber points. I keep mine in a bow and arrow case where pillars keep the points from cutting through the sides. NOT FOAM, NOT A TOY. One thing I would change is the leather wrap used on the handle. I tried to overlay it with paracord but the geometry doesn't work. At this price it's a steal.

The Batleth of Kahless: Beautiful, Deadly, and Quite Affordable: Qapla!

I hunted for a batleth for 2 years before I found this one in the style of Kahless. Full size and heavy steel with the Imperial trefoil enameled on the center point. Deadly sharp and for adults only. Will not get past most weapon checks at any Con. The only 2 things I would change would be to make of lighter aluminum with a clear coating and replace the thin leather on the handholds with paracord. Just what you need to fight your way into Stovakor!