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Anime North 2017!! Giveaways, promotions! Read!

To all our fans in the Toronto, Canada area, join us at Anime North 2017 this weekend from May 26-28 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Doorcrasher giveaways: The first 20 people to make purchases over $50 from us will get a FREE katana stand! $15 value! Wow, does it get better than that, you might ask?

We also have deals running all weekend including (we already included taxes in prices):

1) Overwatch Genji Sword Set - $250 for the FULL SET (includes both Dragon Blade and Deflect Blade)
2) Witcher 3 Sword Set - $360 for the FULL SET (includes both Geralt and Ciri's swords)
3) Fate/Stay Saber Sword Set - $400 for the FULL SET (includes both Caliburn and Excalibur)
4) Naruto: Sasuke's Sword of Kusanagi Set - $150 for BOTH (includes both white and black variants)
5) One Piece: Zoro's Sword Set - $210 for FULL SET (includes all 3 of his classic swords, plus option of Yubashiri to be added on for additional $70)
6) Bleach: Assorted swords $75
7) Katanas (various styles): $75 and less!
Check back here for any updates to this list. Quantities limited! Save yourself taxes and shipping and get your swords from us at AN!

More information about the event can be found here.

 Check our calendar for more upcoming events here.


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