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Event Calendar

 Date Convention/Festival Name
Fire and Steel will be vending at the follow events in Canada in 2024. Come and check out our regular and convention exclusive merchandise!

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Jan 20-21 G-Anime (Gatineau, QB)
Feb 10-11 Quebec City Mini-Convention (Quebec City, QB)
Feb 17-19 Vancouver Fan Expo (Vancouver, BC)
Mar 15-17 Toronto Comic Con (Toronto, ON)
Mar 22-24 Atlantic Entertainment Expo (Charlottetown, PE)
Mar 29-31 Anime Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Apr 13-14 Atlantic Entertainment Expo (Fredericton, NB)
Apr 20-21 CAPE (Cornwall, ON)
Apr 25-28  Calgary Fan Expo (Calgary, AB)
May 4-5 Saskatoon Entertainment Expo (Saskatoon, SK)
May 24-26 Anime North (Toronto, ON)
June 7-9 Niagara Falls Comic Con (Niagara Falls, ON)
June 16 Forest City Comic Con (London, ON)
June 22 Sudbury Graphic Con (Sudbury, ON)
July 5-7 Montreal Comic Con (Montreal, QB)
Aug 2-4 Otakuthon (Montreal, QB)
Aug 9-11 Animethon (Edmonton, ON)
Aug 9-11 Anime Revolution (Vancouver, BC)
Aug 22-25 Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, ON)
Sept 6-8 Ottawa Comic Con (Ottawa, ON)
Sept 14-15 London Comic Con (London, ON)
Sept 20-22 Edmonton Expo (Edmonton, AB)
Sept 21-22 Hamilton Comic Con (Hamilton, ON)
Sept 28-29 Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo (Regina, SK)
Oct 12-13 Quebec City Comic Con (Québec City, QB)
Oct 25-27 Winnipeg Comic Con (Winnipeg, MB)
Nov 2-3 Kitchener Comic Con (Kitchener, ON)
Nov 8-10 Hal-Con (Hal-Con)