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COVID-19 Jan. 25 Update: Shipping Delay Estimated

To Our Amazing Customers,

***From our current estimates, please expect delays of up to one to two weeks for orders to ship.***

Due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, we are trying to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. We are cycling staff members to maintain health and social distancing protocols.


1) If you haven't placed an order yet, ***we highly recommend local customers to please consider selecting "curbside pickup" to pick up orders in person during our showroom hours if you can.***
2) If your order is time sensitive and you require it quicker than the time estimate above (ie. birthday gift, wedding gift), please leave us a NOTE when checking out and we would be happy to work with your timelines if possible.
3) If you did not leave a note and you still require expedited shipping, please call us right away: 647-564-3473 or email us at:


Before contacting us, please be advised our team receives updates about the whereabouts of your order from the tracking link we provide you, just like you do. We unfortunately don't know anything more than what is in the tracking link. If you don't see your item being scanned for over a week or even two, it's actually normal at this time due to COVID-19 understaffing at shipping facilities and fewer transport options around the world.


We will keep customers updated as things evolve.


-- Fire and Steel Customer Support Team
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