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FAQ: Holiday Shipping Times - Will My Item Arrive on Time?

To all our wonderful customers,

We want you all to have a very happy holiday season and know how important it is to have your gifts arrive on time. We put together this FAQ so you understand how critical it is to place your orders within the next week.

To help answer some questions:

1) Items are shipped within 1-2 days of receiving the order. Once it leaves our hands, we pay for the fastest shipping option. Unfortunately, we don't have control over how quickly it can get to you.

2) Given the size and the nature of the items we ship, there are no faster shipping options.

3) You will receive a confirmation email when it leaves our warehouse. If you don't receive a confirmation, please be patient. Your order likely shipped already and we just fell behind on sending out the tracking info.

4) EDIT: The Canada Post Labour strike affecting our entire country is now over so shipping times should return to normal. However, Please DO NOT delay your order if it is a holiday gift. These are estimates at best because Canada Post is still dealing with all of the backlogged parcels from the strike.

Current shipping estimates:
Southern Ontario: 1-3 business days
Ontario and Quebec: 2-6 business days
Rest of Canada: 4-8 business days
Continental US: 2-6 business days
Rest of US (including territories): 4-8 business days
International: 2-6 weeks

5) As you can see from above, if you are outside North America, DO NOT delay and please place your order within this week!

6) Beyond a certain point, we can no longer guarantee products will arrive before Dec. 24, 2018. For North America, this is typically Dec. 7, 2018. Try not to leave your shopping last minute because of #4.

7) If you missed the Dec. 7 purchase date, do not despair! As you can see with the estimates in #4, orders placed after this date often do still arrive in time for the holidays. It just means there is a chance that it might arrive late. Please refer to #4 and weigh your options.

8) If you're in the Southern Ontario, Canada region, consider visiting us at our store to avoid the hassle of shipping altogether. Location and hours are posted here

I hope this helps!

-- Laura, Fire and Steel

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