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So many of you keep asking us to show off our blades in action - we've definitely listened and are excited to bring you a series of us putting our weapons to the test! "Will It Cut?" was created to show exactly how much damage our swords can do, with sharp precision that you can watch in glorious slo-mo! Is a Battle-ready sword able to cut through a tough vegetable like a spaghetti squash? What about a Stainless Steel sword? Is it sharp enough to slice a watermelon in half? Tune in and check out our latest Will it Cut videos to find out!
In this video, we'll be chopping up some very heavy cabbage heads using Wonder Woman's God Killer Sword (Stainless Steel), Destiny's Bolt-Caster Exotic Sword (Stainless Steel), and from Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth's Masamune (High Carbon Steel).
Pineapples are juicy and so are our sword skills! Find out what Michonne's Katana from The Walking Dead (High Carbon Steel), Diana's Crescent Moonsilver Blade from League of Legends (Carbon Steel) and Naruto's Sword of Kusanagi (High Carbon Steel) can do to a pile of pineapples!
Star Trek's Klingon Bat'Leth (Stainless Steel), The Spear of Stormwind (Stainless Steel) from Warcraft and Rin's Kurikara Katana from Blue Exorcist are this video's weapons of choice to cut through a bunch of cantaloupes!
Spaghetti Squash is supposed to be one tough, messy vegetable! How much damage can we do with our swords? This time, we'll be attempting that with Archer's Blades from Fate/Stay Night (Carbon Steel), Zoro's Sandai Kitetsu from One Piece (High Carbon Steel) and Melioda's Dragon Handle Broken Sword from Seven Deadly Sins
Watch as we satisfyingly slice some watermelons wide open in this video with the help of The Bride's Katana from Kill Bill (High Carbon Steel), Fire & Steel's Coper Tears Ninjato (High Carbon Steel) and Zatoichi's Straight Shirasaya (High Carbon Steel).
With a slightly higher budget on this episode, we decided to slice some Dragon Fruit! Johannes is using the incredible high end version of the Master Sword from Zelda, the Thranduil Sword from The Hobbit and from Sword Art Online, Kirito's Elucidator sword.
For those who ask us "are Stainless Steel blades sharp?", this video is for you! We're using Saber's Excalibur from Fate/Stay Night, Jack Sparrow's Cutlass from Pirates of the Caribbean and from the 2019 Alita movie adaptation, the Damascus Blade.
Now that's a fun Halloween! We've sliced some pretty large pumpkins (and a tiny one too!) using God of War's Leviathan Axe, Garen's Sword from League of Legends and from The Witcher (Netflix series), Geralt's Steel Sword.