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Here at Fire & Steel we're always unboxing new products! Our team is constantly adding exciting, new items to our line-up from the over 200 fandoms you can find right here on our website! Even our staff can't possibly know every single sword or weapon we sell because there's over 1,200 of them! Every now and then, we ask our staff to unbox new items or items they haven't seen yet. Watch their reactions as we surprise them with new weapons right out of the box!
Two legends meet; Olivia and Ronisha get together to unbox ALL One Piece swords we had available at the time we made this video! We'll be checking out a few of Zoro's swords; like the Shusui, the Yubashiri, the Sandai Kitetsu, the Wado Ichimonji as well as Oden's Ame No Habakiri, Luffy's Nidai Kitetsu, Trafalgar Law's Kikoku and Mihawk's Yoru Greatsword.
Olivia and Ronisha are back and this time they're unboxing our whole Sword Art Online collection! We'll take a look at some fan favourites like the Blue Rose Sword, the Elucidator, the Dark Repulser and the Ordinal Scale as well as lesser known swords like the Anneal Blade, the Black Iron Greatsword and the Night Sky Sword. In this video as well are Kirito's ALfheim Online Longsword, his 2nd Longsword, Queen's Knightsword as well as Asuna's ALfheim Online Sword, her Amben Light Sword and Yuuki's Absolute Sword.
The Master Sword, also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Legendary Sword, the Sword of Legend, the Master Sword of Resurrection, the Sword that Seals the Darkness and the Sacred Sword is a recurring legendary Sword in the The Legend of Zelda series. The Master Sword was originally crafted by the goddess Hylia as the Goddess Sword  and was later forged into the Master Sword by the Goddess's chosen hero and its spirit, Fi, who bathed it in the three Sacred Flames located across the land that would become the Kingdom of Hyrule. Din's Flame in particular imbued the sword with the Power to Repel Evil, a power augmented after the Sword received the blessing of Zelda, which transformed the blade into the True Master Sword. It is usually the only Sword that can defeat Ganon in the games it appears in. This version we see Olivia unboxing here is the High End Variant of this sword, which comes with a beautifully hand-sewn leather sheath and engraved blade as well as a strong, leather wrapped handle. An amazing piece perfect for cosplaying or displaying at any Zelda fan's castle or weapons cache.
According to lore, the Silver Sword is used to slay demons, ghosts and immortal enemies. Fire & Steel's version has a blade made out of Carbon Steel with a hardwood handle wrapped in leather. This piece is about 126cm long and weighs about 2kg. It comes with a high quality leather wrapped wooden scabbard with Zinc Alloy fittings, as well as a buckled leather back strap. 2.0kg. As the matching sword to Geralt's Steel Sword, it's definitely something you'd want added to your Witcher collection.
Black Widow's Batons are electroshock weapons, created by Tony Stark for Black Widow. The batons constantly glow with a blue light and being an extension of the Black Widow's Bite, are charged by and stored in the gauntlets. During the Battle of Sokovia, she used the batons to take down dozens of Ultron Sentries with a combination of her weapons and martial arts mastery. She again employed these weapons during the Avengers' Civil War. Fire & Steel's version of Black Widow's batons look and feel exactly like the prop Scarlett Johansson used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They can be combined into one staff and have the option to light up or be used as a battle-ready weapon for any would-be secret spy agents out there!
Olivia is unboxing another version of Geralt's Steel Sword from The Witcher Netflix TV Series. This one comes complete with Renfri's brooch attached to the sword guard and runes are etched along the blade.
We're proud to announce "Unboxing with Olivia" is back for a 2nd Season! With a budget increase of $12, she's now entitled to have a guest on each episode. On this video, we're unboxing Loki's Chitauri Sceptre and Thor's "Mjolnir" Hammer.
If you've visited our store, you have probably seen a signed Batman mask sitting in our showroom. Most people think it was signed by Mark Hamill, but spoiler alert: it wasn't! It's actually signed by another Mark, though... find out which Mark in this video and also take a closer look at our Batman Batarang Folding Knife