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Angel Blade

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What is an Angel Blade?

Angel Blades are weapons carried by most angels. They can be used to kill angels, Nephilim, hellhounds, demons, reapers, and possibly other supernatural creatures. This weapon is considerably powerful as it is one of the few weapons that can kill angels and reapers, making them one of the most powerful weapons in existence.

-- from Wikipedia

What is the difference between an Angel Blade and Archangel Blade?

The main difference between an angel blade and the Archangel Blade lies in their power and purpose. Angel blades are standard weapons for angels, effective against angels, demons, and other supernatural beings, but incapable of killing archangels. The Archangel Blade, however, is a unique weapon that can kill archangels but only when wielded by another archangel, making it far more powerful and specialized. While both blades appear similar, the Archangel Blade knife is distinguished by specific markings, underscoring its rarity and the significant increase in power it holds over the standard angel blades.

How long is the Angel Blade in Supernatural?

This Angel Blade replica is 52 cm in length. The blade is made from stainless steel and comes with a wooden display stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Daniel Jonovski
Angel Blade

Ordered and received from CA to AUS within 1 week, blade is exactly as you would imagine
Fantastic service highly recommend

Lisa M.
My son loves the Angel Blade!!

This angel blade from Supernatural is just as the website describes, if not better. It is heavy and well made, very sturdy. The shipping was very fast and well packaged. I bought it for my son's 17th birthday and he absolutely loves it. Thanks so much! Highly recommend!

Angel Blade: Best one you can buy!

For a while I wanted to have my own Angel Blade from Supernatural but felt like I didn’t have an excuse to buy one other than it just looking cool. I originally got this to be part of the Castiel costume I put together for Halloween, and from the moment I held this replica in my hand I gotta say I was very impressed! It feels exactly how I imagine a “real” angel blade would’ve felt in the hand. Solid construction, shiny, good weight, lore-accurate design, and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it from people who recognized it. It coming with its own wooden display stand was a bonus, because now when I’m not messing around with the Angel Blade it can look exquisite on my shelf. Would highly recommend! Would 100% buy again if my current one was ever lost. Just be aware it IS quite sharp at the tip so handle with respect.

olivier bonneau

Angel Blade

Arrived fast, good quality

Bought this as a gift for a family member. I got the package MUCH much quicker than I anticipated, and the blade is bigger and better in quality than I thought. A 10/10 gift. Thank you!