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Jacob and Evie Frye's Cane Sword

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Background of Jacob and Evie

Jacob and Evie Frye are Master Assassins in the video game series Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. As twins, they are often at odds with each other, as Jacob tends to be impulsive, while Evie likes to be tactical. However, with the motivation to protect others, they can work very well together and balance each other out.

Jacob and Evie wield a cane sword, a walking stick with a concealed blade and a scythe-like blade on the sheath itself. Inconspicuous and fashionable, Jacob and Evie use this cane sword to stealthily eliminate their targets with ease.

Real life replica of Jacob and Evie's Cane Sword

Our masterfully crafted real sword is inspired by Jacob and Evie's cane sword, including the stainless steel blade and its iconic design. This metal replica of the cane sword is 98 cm (39 in) long and includes a kick-blade at the bottom section. The blades are blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory. Fully functional walking cane.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephen Hunter
Walking came

Fantastic, ordered three different styles of canes, they are all outstanding.. solid, heavy, great craftsmanship. solid enough to sharpen, but I would only do that for the coming up zombie apocalypse lol I added some black rubber rings light washes but more like a tiny wedding band to the joints so that when you tighten it up it stays tight it's not just metal on metal which I find is loosens when you bang it on the ground to walk I think it cost me a dollar at Home Depot in the plumbing department to get the little black rings

Draven F
Great cane

i got this cane because i broke my femur from a motorcycle accident and wanted something stylish while i heal, i love assassin's Creed and always wanted the cane sword, as mentioned by another review cane tips are a lil difficult but if you're using this as an actual cane like i am, 1 inch shepherd brand cane tips fit on it pretty well, you will have to cut or drill a hole in the rubber tip for the nub at the bottom of the cane for the "scythe" button, very easy though. and id recommend putting WD-40 or gun oil on the screw on bits of the cane before assembling it together. amazing and sturdy cane and ill still be walking around with it after i heal because it looks awesome

Danny G
Amazing Cane

I've used this cane for four+ months as a proper walking cane and have enjoyed every second of it.
This cane has fallen on pavement, concrete, and snow, with the only damage being some small dents from rocks and other sharp objects; the bronze paint on the head and ferrule have slowly been rubbing off, revealing the copper underneath. Overall, it has aged very well and weathered nicely. The only complaints I have for this cane are: that it is impossible to find a rubber tip for it if you plan to use it as a cane, and, that the threads on the shaft have moved slightly, making the bottom blade be uncentered from its original position.

Craig Roux
Awesome Product

One of the items I bought from Comicon London a couple years back. Good product, it's a nice weight, and can be used as a real cane. Only complaint I have is the blade is a screw off to get the main blade out instead of pull out. Though I suppose that is by design so there is no accidental blade popping out. Though maybe a future design could be for a push button on the cane to get the blade out? If that would even work I am unsure but would be cool to have instead of screwing off the blade.