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V's Cane Sword

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Background of V

V is one of the main characters in the video game Devil May Cry 5. Morally questionable and manipulative at times, V still strives to save humanity from the Demon King Urizen, even if it costs him his life. V wields his metal cane, a well-crafted weapon with an intricate and unique handle that V uses in all of his battles. V channels his demonic powers through this cane and can use his attack "Royal Fork" to summon several canes and rain them down on his opponents. He can also use his cane to teleport to his opponents with a flash of blue energy.

Steel replica of V's Cane

Our masterfully crafted real cane sword is inspired by V's cane, including the stainless steel blade and its iconic design. This metal replica of V's cane is 90 cm (35 in) long. The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Customer Reviews

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Avery Davis

Devil May Cry - V's Cane Sword

Excellent Cane

For the people that were wondering this is a great item. I just received it and its full metal decently heavy fits well in the palm of your hand but sadly mine has a little bit of a wobble in the handle/join but other than that it’s great

Very Happy purchase just wanted to let anyone know
Thank you for the great item and great customer service

Jordan Bates
More than I could've asked for.

When ordering this cane I thought it'd be simple and light, nothing more than a decorative piece to put on display or use for light cosplay. Instead I received a much more faithful creation than I had in mind at first.

Ironically, I did plan on it solely being a decorative piece until I had an accident that put me on a cane for a while.

The first thing that surprised me was the weight, rather than feeling imbalanced or shifty, it felt just heavy enough to feel natural without being unwieldy. Getting into stride with it might take a few moments, but you'll find it's quite easy.

Functionally, It works quite well for its intended use, and often pulls compliment and admiration from both Devil May Cry fans and strangers to the DMC series.

(While it says Cane Sword, I believe it does not house a blade inside. That being the case, it is still very comfortable to hold in a two handed grip, and should act as a very good self-defense tool if needed.)

I did notice very slight imperfections, but I think they add far more character than if it were to look perfect and polished.(V did find his cane in an old shop after all.)

Now the only negative thing I have to say about the cane is purely based upon my own humorous stupidity. If you plan on using this as a cane, grab those rubber end bits on Amazon. (I believe they're called ferrules.) The weight of the cane isn't enough to really damage floors, but if you lean pretty hard on it, there is a risk of putting cracks into tile floors.