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The First Blade (Resin)

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Background of The First Blade

The First Blade is an ancient weapon that was created by the archangel known as Lucifer. According to lore, it is believed to be the very first blade ever forged, hence its name. The blade has a distinct appearance, with a weathered and worn handle and a long, curved blade. It possesses immense supernatural power, capable of killing almost anything, including powerful supernatural beings.

The significance of The First Blade stems from its connection to the Mark of Cain. The Mark of Cain is a curse bestowed upon the biblical figure Cain by God after he killed his brother Abel. The mark granted Cain incredible power but also cursed him with an insatiable bloodlust. In Supernatural, the Mark of Cain is revealed to be a powerful source of dark magic and strength.

The First Blade is intrinsically linked to the Mark of Cain. It is said that only the blade can kill those who bear the Mark, and it serves as the key to unlocking the mark's true potential. When the bearer of the Mark wields The First Blade, their strength, speed, and healing abilities are greatly enhanced. They become an unstoppable force, capable of defeating even the mightiest adversaries.

Over the course of the show, The First Blade is sought after by various characters, including the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. They believe that using the blade can help them control and eventually remove the Mark of Cain. Its power, however, comes with a heavy price, as wielding the blade amplifies the bearer's violent tendencies and puts their humanity at risk.

The First Blade represents a significant storyline arc in Supernatural, exploring themes of power, sacrifice, and the struggle between good and evil. It serves as a potent symbol throughout the series, showcasing the consequences of wielding dark magic and the lengths characters are willing to go to save themselves and others.

Resin replica of The First Blade

The First Blade replica captures every intricate detail of the original weapon, from its weathered handle to the beautifully curved blade. Crafted with high-quality resin, this replica is both durable and visually stunning, making it the perfect centerpiece for your Supernatural-themed collection.

The replica comes complete with a sturdy wooden display stand, allowing you to showcase this iconic weapon in all its glory. Whether you're a dedicated cosplayer, a passionate Supernatural enthusiast, or simply looking to add a touch of mystique to your home decor, this replica is the ideal choice.

Specifications of our First Blade

Overall Length: 42 cm
Blade Length: 31 cm
Blade Width: 6 cm
Guard dimensions: 7 cm
Material: High Quality Resin, Wood
Sharp: No
Product comes with a wooden display stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Pomales

Bought this for my sister since she’s a big fan of supernatural. It's bigger than I expected and I a little bit heavier too! All around 10 or 10 I’m definitely buying more from y’all again🔥🔥🔥❤️

The first blade

I love it it is so realistic and quality is amazing it does not feel cheap at all it feels real.
Thank you for this awesome product!


I am very happy with my purchase for this dagger, it looks amazing and I am very impressed with the product. very cool and I suggest that you should buy it if it is legal to own a sword in your country.

George collins
Blade and colt

Ordered the first blade and the colt from supernatural .both great quality and arrived earlier than expected look great in my display cabinet.thankyou fire and steel