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Cu Chulainn's Gae Bolg (High Density Foam)

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Background of Cu Chulainn's Spear

In the visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night, Cu Chulainn's Gae Bolg is a legendary spear associated with the Irish hero Cu Chulainn, who is one of the Servants in the Holy Grail War. Gae Bolg is a prominent weapon in the Fate/stay night universe and has unique abilities.

In Irish mythology, Cu Chulainn is said to have received the Gae Bolg from Scathach, a warrior woman and his mentor. In Fate/stay night, it is depicted as a crimson-colored spear with a distinctive shape. The weapon possesses a powerful and feared technique known as "Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death," which allows Cu Chulainn to strike with absolute precision and deliver a fatal wound to the heart of his opponent.

One of the key characteristics of Gae Bolg is its ability to reverse causality. When Cu Chulainn activates his Noble Phantasm, called "Gae Bolg: Soaring Spear of Piercing Death," he throws the spear with immense accuracy and force, but its true nature lies in its effect upon striking the target. Gae Bolg's curse effectively rewinds causality, making the enemy's heart, which was pierced by the spear, "always have been" pierced in the past, ensuring a fatal blow. This makes it nearly impossible to dodge or defend against once the strike is initiated.

In Fate/stay night, Gae Bolg serves as an iconic weapon for the Lancer class and contributes to Cu Chulainn's reputation as a skilled and formidable warrior. Its unique ability and historical significance make it a memorable aspect of Cu Chulainn's character within the Fate/stay night universe.

Foam replica of Cu Chulainn's Spear

Introducing our exquisite high density foam replica of Cu Chulainn's Gae Bolg, inspired by the renowned series Fate/Stay Night. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this decorative masterpiece brings the legendary weapon to life, perfect for both cosplay enthusiasts and captivating photoshoots.

Constructed from high-quality, durable foam, this replica captures the essence of Gae Bolg's crimson splendor. Its lightweight yet sturdy design allows for effortless handling, granting you the freedom to wield it with precision and grace, just like the legendary hero himself.

Immerse yourself in the world of Fate/Stay Night as you channel the formidable Lancer class with this awe-inspiring weapon replica. Whether you're participating in a cosplay event or engaging in a themed photoshoot, this Gae Bolg replica is sure to elevate your portrayal of Cu Chulainn, leaving a lasting impression on fellow fans and admirers.

Designed for authenticity, our Gae Bolg replica stays true to the original, featuring intricate detailing that showcases the weapon's distinctive shape and legendary significance. The crimson hue, reminiscent of its mythical origins, adds a touch of mystique to your cosplay ensemble, making you stand out from the crowd.

Order your Cu Chulainn's Gae Bolg high density foam replica today and let the legend come to life, enabling you to leave an indelible mark in the world of cosplay and photography.

Specifications of our Cu Chulainn Spear

Overall Length: 179.5 cm

Blade Length: 56 cm
Blade Width: 5 cm
Material: High Density Foam
Sharp: No

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