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Cloud Strife's Hardedge (High Density Foam)

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Background of Cloud Strife's Hardedge

Cloud Strife's Hardedge weapon is a well-known and iconic weapon from the Final Fantasy VII series, including the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the game's lore, the Hardedge was originally a prototype sword developed by Shinra Electric Power Company, which was designed to cut through solid objects with ease.

However, the prototype was deemed too dangerous to mass-produce and was subsequently abandoned. The weapon was eventually recovered by Cloud, who modified it to suit his fighting style and added his own enhancements to it.

In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Hardedge is a powerful weapon that provides Cloud with increased damage and stagger potential. Its unique ability is called "Focused Thrust," which allows Cloud to unleash a powerful thrust attack that deals significant damage and can interrupt enemy attacks.

The Hardedge's design in the remake closely resembles its appearance in the original game, featuring a large, rectangular blade with sharp edges and a spiked pommel. Its name refers to the weapon's sharp edges, which make it particularly effective at slicing through tough materials like metal and stone.

Foam replica of Cloud Strife’s Hardedge

Introducing our high-density replica of the legendary Cloud Strife's Hardedge weapon from Final Fantasy VII Remake, a must-have for any avid cosplayer or photographer looking to add some serious firepower to their collection.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning replica features a large blade with rectangular edges, just like the original weapon from the game. But unlike other replicas that can be heavy and unwieldy, our Hardedge replica is crafted from high-density foam, making it lightweight, durable, and perfect for extended cosplay sessions or lengthy photo shoots.

With its impressive size and realistic look, this Hardedge replica is sure to turn heads and make you feel like a true hero of Final Fantasy. Its unique ability, "Focused Thrust," allows you to channel the power of Cloud Strife and take down enemies with ease.

So if you're looking for an affordable and visually striking addition to your cosplay or photography gear, don't hesitate to add our Cloud Strife's Hardedge foam replica to your collection today. With its impressive detail, lightweight design, and unbeatable value, it's the perfect choice for any fan of the series!

Specifications of our Hardedge Sword

Overall Length: 101 cm
Blade Length: 73.5 cm
Blade Width: 20.5 cm (bottom) and 10 cm (top)
Material: High Density Foam
Sharp: No

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