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Vincent's Cerberus Gun (Resin)

$129.99 CAD

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Background of Vincent's Gun

Vincent Valentine's Cerberus gun is a significant weapon associated with his character in the world of Final Fantasy VII. Vincent Valentine is a playable character in the game, and his backstory and equipment have garnered considerable attention among fans.

The Cerberus gun is a unique weapon that holds symbolic meaning for Vincent. Its design is inspired by the mythological creature known as Cerberus, a three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the gates of the Underworld. The weapon's name, appearance, and abilities allude to this mythical creature.

In the Final Fantasy VII universe, Vincent was once a member of the elite paramilitary group called "Turks" under the employ of the Shinra Electric Power Company. However, his involvement with the dark experiments of Professor Hojo led to tragic consequences. Vincent was subjected to Hojo's experiments, resulting in him being infused with Chaos, a powerful entity that grants him extraordinary abilities.

After being experimented upon, Vincent became dormant, spending years in a coffin-like sleep. When he finally awakens, he discovers that his body has undergone changes, and he possesses the ability to transform into various powerful forms associated with Chaos. It is during this time that he acquires the Cerberus gun as his signature weapon.

The Cerberus gun itself is a triple-barreled firearm, representing the three heads of the mythical Cerberus. Its design is sleek and dark, reflecting Vincent's brooding and mysterious personality. The weapon is primarily used for long-range attacks and is known for its accuracy and high critical hit rate.

Resin Replica of Vincent's Gun

Step into the immersive world of Final Fantasy VII with our meticulously crafted Vincent Valentine's Gun Cerberus Decorative Resin Replica. Inspired by the iconic weapon wielded by the enigmatic character Vincent Valentine, this exquisite replica is a true testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Made from high-quality resin, this replica offers exceptional durability while maintaining an impressive level of detail. The intricate engravings and intricate patterns adorning the gun showcase the craftsmanship and dedication poured into its creation, ensuring an accurate and visually stunning representation of the beloved weapon.

The Cerberus replica adds a touch of elegance to any collection. Proudly exhibit this piece of Final Fantasy VII history on your shelf, desk, or in a display case, and let it become a focal point of admiration and conversation.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a resin replica that does not actually fire bullets.

Specifications of our Vincent Gun

Overall Dimensions: 52 cm x 18.5 cm x 8cm
Material: High Quality Resin

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Dreessen

Bought this for my wife since Vincent is her favorite character. Quality is absolutely amazing and she loves it!!! Also holding it feels so comfortable.