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Fire and Steel - Medieval Longsword (Battle Ready)

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Codified systems of fighting with the longsword existed from the later 14th century, with a variety of styles and teachers each providing a slightly different take on the art. The longsword was a quick, effective, and versatile weapon capable of deadly thrusts, slices, and cuts. The blade was generally used with both hands on the hilt, one resting close to or on the pommel. The weapon may be held with one hand during disarmament or grappling techniques. In a depiction of a duel, individuals may be seen wielding sharply pointed longswords in one hand, leaving the other hand open to manipulate the large dueling shield

-- From Wikipedia

Fire and Steel longswords are built to sustain impact from actual use. 105cm. 1045 High carbon steel blade with zinc alloy fittings. Comes with high quality wooden sheath. Part of our battle-ready line of swords.

Customer Reviews

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Marco Dimambro
good stuff

I was worried when the order shipped that it didn't come in full, but I was wrong to doubt. The swords look and function perfectly, I have no complaints.

Marion Lai

Great service on a day where Rogers crashed everywhere! Loved that it was a simple in and out transaction and that it was in stock. Beautiful piece that the recipient is going to love! Thank you! :)


Arrived a day earley nice and sharp nice sword but the pommel was a tad loose but wont come off 9/10

Amazing sword

Had this sword for a few months now and I just gotta say I love it. Been doing some training with it and its worked perfectly. Cuts great, holds its sharpness and feels really great in the hand. Would recommend