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Fire and Steel - Medieval Rapier

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This is a part of our Fire and Steel line of premium collectors swords. These are among the highest quality swords.

"Rapier or espada ropera, is a loose term for a type of slender, sharply pointed sword. The rapier is optimized to be a thrusting weapon, but cutting or slashing attacks were also recorded in some historical treatises like Capo Ferro's Gran Simulacro in 1610. This weapon was mainly used in Early Modern Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries."

-- From Wikipedia

The Fire and Steel medieval rapier has a combat swept hilt. 110cm. Comes with a black scabbard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A quality piece!

It's well crafted and nice to look at! A bit top heavy with how its weighted, but that isn't too big a problem. The main problem is the sheathe having half fallen apart in transit, making it difficult to draw and put away since it seems as if some glue has leaked into it.

Regardless it's a lovely looking sword and I'm very happy to have received it! A cool collector's piece.


Pickup this beauty at Otakuthon this year after years of eyeing it. Worth every penny! Craftsmanship is amazing!

Abby M.
In Love

Ordered this sword a week ago and I couldn't be happier with it!

Really fast shipping, great customer service, and a wonderful product! The sword itself is stunning and I've already gotten compliments on it from friends.

I can't wait to build a display for it so I can have it on show : )

Thanks so much, keep up the fantastic work!