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Fire and Steel - Roman Gladius (Battle Ready)

$189.99 CAD

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Replica of a Roman Gladius sword. Clay tempered High Carbon Steel blade. Comes with real leather wrapped wooden scabbard.

Overall Length: 76.5 cm
Overall Length out of Scabbard: 71 cm
Blade Length: 51.3 cm
Blade Width at Base: 5.8 cm
Guard Width: 8.7 cm
Pommel Diameter: 6.7 cm
Handle Width: 3.2 cm
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Materials: High Carbon Steel, Steel, Zinc Alloy, Leather, Wood
Sharp: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gary Forbes
Roman Gladius Battle Ready

This is a beautiful sword. I did not expect it to be so heave and sharp! The construction is perfect. Some other reviews said the sword was not oiled enough but mine has the perfect amount of oil on it. The leather case for it is a little tight at the top and it is a bit difficult to pull the sword from it. If you are not careful you can cut yourself. Overall this is a beautiful sword. This is not my first battle ready item from fire and steel. When I collected my sword I also purchased a RAMBO III knife. Beautiful

Steve Gibson
I am the Roman empire

Very real. Very solid. Excellent craftsmanship. Et tu, Brute?

JF Fortin
Amazing in every way!

I have purchased 3 items from this store (William Wallace Braveheart sword, Gladiator Gladius sword and the Pirates of the Caribbean wall mount). I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of each item. Compared to other stores, every item has weight, quality, not flimsy or cheap knock offs! Everything has surpassed my expectations in every way. Add to this the very nicest and most caring customer service you can imagine (hard to find today) and lightning fast shipping and you have the perfect store. They take the time to address every question in detail, provide pictures and do so with kindness and support. I will be ordering ALL of my swords and collection items from Fire N Steel, no question. The "battle ready" items are just that! Heavy, sharp and well made and packaged. I'm so impressed by this Canadian company that it's become my favorite place to order anything period. Love the website also which lets you shop by movie or series of interest. Simply the best! Thanks very much again for everything. Will be ordering a few more items in the near future.

Quentin Ketterer

Fire and Steel - Roman Gladius (Battle Ready)

Great Quality Sword with Minor Issues

I'll start off by saying I absolutely love this sword. It comes very sharp and is very solid/good quality. I rubbed mink oil oil into the scabbard to make it shine and waterproof. Looks great

It did have some minor issues when I got it. they aren't serious and actually are fun to fix and adds value to the blade.

The sword would fall out of its scabbard when upside down. It was an easy fix; glued two small strips of leather inside the scabbard. You can see pictures where I placed the leather strips.

My other issue is that the pieces that attach to your baldric are not very strong, only two strips of leather going through the back of the scabbard.

I will be addressing this soon, just waiting for parts in the mail, by removing the strips and replacing them with brass strips and welded d-rings. They will be tightly riveted to the scabbard and will be reinforced with very small nails.

The sword also does not come very shiny. I will be polishing it to a mirror finish and will upload pictures once all the work is done.

All in all a very good sword.