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Chrom's Falchion Sword (High Density Foam)

$69.99 CAD

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Background of Chorm's Sword

The Falchion is a sacred and legendary sword passed down through the royal bloodline of Ylisse, the kingdom in which Chrom serves as the Exalt. It is said to be the only weapon capable of defeating Grima, the Fell Dragon, who poses a grave threat to the world.

The origins of the Falchion can be traced back to the First Exalt, a hero named Marth, who wielded the sword in ancient times. Marth fought against the forces of evil and saved the world from destruction. He was guided by the divine dragon Naga, who gifted him with the Falchion to aid him in his quest.

Over the generations, the Falchion was passed down from one Exalt to another, entrusted to the rulers of Ylisse. Chrom, as the current Exalt, inherits the Falchion and carries the weight of his ancestors' legacy.

The Falchion possesses unique properties that make it a potent weapon against Grima. It has the ability to deal effective damage against dragons, who are vulnerable to its power. Additionally, the sword has the power to seal away Grima's essence and weaken his influence.

Throughout Fire Emblem: Awakening, Chrom wields the Falchion in battles against enemies and plays a pivotal role in the conflict with Grima. The sword becomes a symbol of hope and resistance against the looming darkness, embodying the lineage of the Exalts and their duty to protect the world from destruction.

It's worth noting that Chrom's Falchion is not the only version of the weapon seen in the Fire Emblem series. Different games feature variations of the Falchion, each with its own backstory and significance within their respective narratives.

Foam replica of Chorm's Sword

Introducing our exquisite and meticulously crafted Chrom's Falchion Sword replica from the renowned game Fire Emblem: Awakening. This extraordinary decorative piece is specifically designed for passionate fans and enthusiasts, making it an ideal companion for unforgettable cosplay adventures and captivating photoshoots.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this high-density foam replica captures the essence of Chrom's iconic weapon, ensuring an authentic and visually striking portrayal. With its remarkable resemblance to the original, every curve, edge, and intricate pattern of the Falchion Sword is faithfully reproduced, granting you a tangible connection to the beloved game.

Constructed from premium high-density foam, this replica boasts remarkable durability and a lightweight nature, allowing for easy handling and hours of comfortable wear. The foam material not only guarantees safety during cosplay battles but also ensures that capturing stunning photos is a breeze.

The foam construction also means that this Chrom's Falchion Sword replica is travel-friendly, making it convenient to transport to conventions, events, or any gathering where you wish to showcase your dedication to the Fire Emblem franchise.

Designed to impress even the most discerning fans, our Chrom's Falchion Sword replica strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether displayed as an eye-catching centerpiece in your collection or wielded in thrilling cosplay performances, this replica promises to elevate your Fire Emblem experience to new heights.

Specifications of our Chorm Sword

Overall Length: 101 cm
Blade Length: 63.5 cm
Blade Width: 5 cm
Material: High Density Foam
Sharp: No

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Shoghi Singh


Kyle Arneson
Good sword

Beautifully made, solid work, study, will buy from this shop again