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Wolf's Gravestone Claymore

$199.99 CAD

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Background of Wolf's Gravestone Claymore

According to the lore of Genshin Impact, Wolf's Gravestone is a powerful claymore that once belonged to the Wolf King of the North, Andrius. Andrius was the ruler of the wolves and protected the lands of Mondstadt from any threats. He was known for his strength and ferocity in battle.

Legend has it that the claymore was created by a blacksmith who was so moved by Andrius' bravery and loyalty to his pack that he forged a weapon worthy of his stature. The weapon is said to be imbued with the Wolf King's spirit, and its power has been passed down through generations.

The claymore's design features a wolf's head with glowing eyes, which is said to represent the strength and spirit of the Wolf King. The blade is made of a special metal alloy that is incredibly durable and sharp, and its weight is said to be lighter than it looks, making it easier to wield.

In Genshin Impact, Wolf's Gravestone is a 5-star claymore that provides a powerful attack boost to its wielder, especially against enemies with higher health. Its in-game description references the legend of the Wolf King, stating that the weapon is "a symbol of the Wolf of the North, symbolizing both his unyielding will and the sharpness of his fangs."

Blunt replica of Wolf's Gravestone Claymore

Introducing our stunning decorative replica of Wolf's Gravestone, the legendary claymore from Genshin Impact. Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, this blunt replica boasts a sturdy construction that's built to last.The attention to detail is exceptional, featuring thered and black design, just like the original weapon wielded by the powerful Wolf King of the North.

This exquisite piece makes for an impressive display in any collection, whether you're a fan of Genshin Impact or simply admire the intricate design and craftsmanship. Its size and weight provide an authentic feel, giving you the experience of holding the legendary weapon in your hands. The blunt edge also ensures that it's safe to handle and display in any setting.

This replica is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of fantasy and adventure to their decor. It's a unique and eye-catching conversation piece that will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any collection. Whether you're a gamer, a collector, or simply looking for a stunning decorative item, this Wolf's Gravestone replica is sure to impress.

Order now and add the power and spirit of the Wolf King to your collection.

Specifications of our Wolf's Gravestone Claymore

Blade Length: 61.5 cm (24.21 in)
Blade Width: 7 cm (2.75 in)
Overall Length: 101.5 cm (39.96 in)
Guard dimensions: 23 cm (9.05 in)
Weight: 2.17 kg (4.8 lbs)
Material: Carbon Steel Blade
Sharp: No

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