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Guts's Dragonslayer Sword (High Density Foam)

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Background of Guts' Sword

Guts' sword from Berserk is called the "Dragon Slayer." It is an oversized greatsword that Guts wields with incredible strength and skill. The sword has a massive blade and is much larger and heavier than a typical sword, requiring great strength to wield effectively.

The blacksmith Godot created the weapon when the sovereign king of the town issued a proclamation to have a sword capalable of killing a draogn forged. Godot who was tired of crafting unused, ornate weapons for nobles took this task seriously and created this massive weapon but it was deemed unusable due to its large size.

In Berksek, the weapon is described as "too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron". The weapon is said to be "Tempered by the malice of the countless malevolent astral beings it has slain, and therefore capable of wounding profound astral entities" and has been the protagonist Guts' signature weapon since surviving the Eclipse

Real life foam replica of Guts’ Sword

Crafted from high-density foam, our Dragon Slayer replica is lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for recreating epic battle scenes from the series. The foam construction ensures that the sword is safe to handle, even in costume play and other activities.

With a length of over 3.3 feet, this foam sword features intricate details that accurately capture the essence of Guts' iconic weapon. From the massive blade to the ornate hilt, every detail has been meticulously replicated to provide an authentic and immersive experience.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of Berserk, a cosplay enthusiast, or simply looking for an impressive display piece, this foam replica of Guts' Dragon Slayer sword is a perfect addition to your collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to wield this legendary weapon yourself.

Specifications of our foam Dragonslayer Sword

Lengthwise: 101 cm (39.76 inches)
Width at widest part of blade: 17 cm (6.69 inches)
Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg)

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