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Kirito's "Dark Repulser" Sword (Wooden Sheath)


Background of Kirito’s Sword

Kirigaya Kazuto (commonly known as "Kirito") is one of the players that was accepted into the Sword Art Online closed-beta game, in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. As a solo player who wears black clothing, he was known as the "Black Swordsman," who defeated the final boss of Sword Art Online and freed the players that were trapped in the game.

Kirito wields the Dark Repulser, a high-grade weapon that was forged for Kirito after he retrieved the rare Crystallite Ingot from a dragon's nest on the 55th floor. The Dark Repulser is a aqua-colored sword with a beautiful aquamarine gem in the middle of the guard. As an extremely powerful dual-wielder, he wields the Dark Repulser with his Elucidator.

Blunt replica of Kirito’s Sword

Our carefully crafted real sword is inspired by Kirito’s sword, including the carbon steel blade and its iconic shaped guard. This metal replica of the Kirito sword is 110 cm (43 in) long and comes with wooden sheath. The paint is baked into the metal. The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cody Fryrear
Anime Swords

Fire and Steel produces high quality items that are perfect replicas. Amazing craftsmanship and care in both production and delivery packaging.

Love It!

I love this sword! I have wanted it for years and finally this year at FanExpo I bought it! It is beautifully made and exactly what I wanted.

My only thing is the sword at first would get stuck in the wooden sheath. But after taking it out a couple times it works perfectly.

Carol B
Beautiful but bent

Sword arrived bent :(
Beautiful otherwise, have ordered from them previously and love them!!

Dark Repulsor

This has got to be the best version of the sword I’ve ever seen! It’s like it was taken right out of the show, and it makes for an awesome display piece. The paint and the quality are amazing, It’s perfect for any fan of the show!

Super happy with the product and customer service

I've ordered from them twice now and the quality is really nice, no complaints there. But what I was most impressed with was their customer service. Their response time is great and they always took the responsibility when there were issues and resolved them in time. The first sword, which was a gift, arrived damaged, so I messaged them and they gave me instructions on the procedure, but they even sent the new sword before the damaged one arrived at their facility to accommodate for the deadline (the birthday). The second time, I had ordered another sword as a gift, but I ordered it relatively late so that, according to their estimated time of arrival, it could very well arrive later than the date I needed it. I emailed them privately and they were super cooperative and nice and the sword arrived with time to spare! All in all, I'm very happy and grateful to them for caring so much about each customer and being so accomodating (even when the mistake was on my part). :)