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Link's Master Sword (with Sheath) High End Variant

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Background of Link's Master Sword

Link is the protector of the Hyrulean realm. Link is a brave young hero that is destined to save Princess Zelda and the Kingdom of Hyrule from the evil tyranny of the warlock, Ganondorf. To restore the peaceful and prosperous Hyrule, Link goes through a great series of trials and adventures that test his wisdom, courage and power. He travels through the vast land of Hyrule, collecting various items to defeat powerful and mighty foes, which deems him as a hero worthy of wielding the sacred and legendary Master Sword (also known to be the "Sword that Seals the Darkness").

Infused with the power of the Goddess Hylia, the Master Sword is an immensely powerful sword used to vanquish evil, break curses involving dark magic, destroy magical barriers, and even seal away demonic remains. It is a bastard sword imbued with the Triforce and a yellow gemstone embedded on it's guard.

High end replica of Link's Master Sword. 126cm total length. Carbon steel blade. Comes with hand-stitched leather-wrapped wooden scabbard. Zinc alloy fittings. Based on designs from Breath of the Wild. Blade comes with a protective layer of oil to prevent rusting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hassan Pooser
My wife loves it

I like it
FIRST thing the sword is not sharp, I ordered the sharp (Battle Ready) sword but did not receive it. and they would not sharpen it for me saying i bought the non (battle ready) sword. The craftmanship is fantastic the attention to detail is amazing. and to my dismay my wife loved it regardless of the blunt edge so because of that I kept the sword and will look for some other place to sharpen it.

Over all a great display item.

After purchasing and reviewing this and the dark version, I do see sword that seem to be the same make on Amazon for cheaper, that's my bad for not shopping around. The blade is slightly wobbly, something you may only notice if trying to look for it, but overall happy with my purchase.

Overall really good product with small issue

Product appears just as in images, the runes/triforce on the blade stand out well against the metal and the details on the scabbard are very well done. The only reason it's not a 5 star is because the blade slants a bit to one side. looking head on it is not visible but when looking down the side of the blade it stands out. I intend to use this for mostly display purposes so it's not that big of a problem, but for someone looking to use this for cosplay it might be a factor to consider. Overall, I'm pleased with the item and service and will keep Fire and Steel in mind when ordering in the future.

nicholas hrycoy

This sword looks absolutely beautiful! While it is not the same design as in the games, changes made to this sword make this version look fantastic. It feels proportionally good in the hand and well balanced, even though its a prop. The scabbard also looks amazing, the leather body with the engraved metal tip make it stunning to not only look at but hold as well. This also would make a great piece for cosplaying, which I believe is one of its intended uses, I will certainly be pulling of some great link cosplaying this summer

Beautiful sword

Looks and feels beautiful, amazing for display or cosplay