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Thor's Ragnarok Helmet (Resin)

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Background of Thor

Thor is the God of Thunder and one of the founding members of the Avengers in many Marvel comic book series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the God of Thunder, Thor can generate electrical energy and use the weather to summon lightning onto his foes. As the mightiest warrior of Asgard, Thor has hundreds of years of combat experience, defeating many powerful opponents, which makes him very much feared in all the Nine Realms.

Thor wears a winged helmet, a collapsible war helm with sharp-edged wings attached to both sides. Thor wears this helmet during the Contest of Champions, where he battled against the Hulk.

Real life replica of Thor's Helmet

Our masterfully crafted helmet is inspired by Thor's helmet from the movie Thor: Ragnarok, including its two sharp-edged wings and iconic design. This handmade quality resin replica of Thor's helmet is 49 cm (20 in) long x 17 cm (9 in) wide and comes with a display stand. The helmet is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Customer Reviews

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elijah W.
sweet helmet

as a thor fan, this helmet is really awesome