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Thor's "Stormbreaker" Axe (Resin)

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Background of Thor

Thor is the God of Thunder and one of the founding members of the Avengers in many Marvel comic book series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the God of Thunder, Thor can generate electrical energy and use the weather to summon lightning onto his foes. As the mightiest warrior of Asgard, Thor has hundreds of years of combat experience, defeating many powerful opponents, which makes him very much feared in all the Nine Realms.

Thor wields the Stormbreaker, a large enchanted axe melted and forged by the power of a star. As one of the most powerful weapons in the Nine Realms, Thor uses the Stormbreaker to channel his electrical energy and can teleport anywhere using the Bifrost.

Real life replica of Thor's Axe

Our masterfully crafted axe is inspired by Thor's axe, including the unique axe head and its iconic design. This handmade quality resin and fibreglass composite replica of the Thor axe is 93 cm x 40 cm x 26 cm. The axe is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good... but not great

Don't get me wrong this is a really nice piece, and I am going to definitely use it for my cosplay this month at comicon. However I was a little disappointed at the attention to detail with paint, also it really feels like just hollow plastic. I paid 350 for it including shipping and it just seems like it's a little to cheap of quality to be priced so high... It is really nice tho👍👍👍


A true work of Art! I absolutely love this piece! It got to me and as soon as I took it out of the box I was in awe! I am extremely happy with the amount of effort that Fire and Steele put into getting me this piece during the pandemic! Excellent customer service and excellent products! I am already planning my next order and cannot wait! The workmanship is outstanding and the pricing is extremely reasonable.


This item is incredible to say the least! The details on this are amazing! The quality is phenomenal and I could not be happier! I wanted to add this to my collection and am glad I found fire and steel!!! They went above and beyond to get me this during the pandemic. That speaks volumes to me as does the quality of the item! It is a very thick item and I thought I would be able to wall hang it, but I'm not sure how at this point. I am just overly amazed for what the company has done and the detail in this piece! I seriously just cannot get over the workmanship! Thank you again!

Supaset pongsai