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Fire and Steel - Naginata (Battle Ready)

$199.99 CAD

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Naginatas can be used to batter, stab or hook an opponent, but due to their relatively balanced center of mass, are often spun and turned to proscribe a large radius of reach. The curved blade makes for an effective tool for cutting due to the increased length of cutting surface.

Naginatas were often used by foot soldiers to create space on the battlefield. They have several situational advantages over a sword. Their reach was longer, allowing the wielder to keep out of reach of his opponent. The long shaft offered it more leverage in comparison to the hilt of the katana, enabling the naginata to cut more efficiently. The weight of the weapon gave power to strikes and cuts, even though the weight of the weapon is usually thought of as a disadvantage. The weight at the end of the shaft and the shaft itself can be used both offensively and defensively.

-- From Wikipedia

This Fire and Steel naginata is 177cm long. 1045 carbon steel. Sharpened. Comes with a wooden sheath. Part of our battle-ready line of products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very nice

I bought 2 of these big sticks. One for me to keep, the other to sell directly to my brother. They are very nice indeed. Though it could use a few improvements. First improvement would be for it's handle to be the same length of a 4 feet bo staff. Second improvement would be for it's blade to be cut down 30% and for it's sheath as well. Do you agree with my review?

Vince Kennedy
Fantastic Piece!

I'm incredibly pleased with my Naginata! It's great quality, solid, and sturdy! It came very sharp. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a much higher level of decoration on the naginata than I expected from the photos. There is a beautiful floral theme over the entirety of the piece, which is displayed on the tsuba, metal trim pieces along the handle, as well as the weighted end. The design is simple yet elegant. The naginata is also amazingly balanced; as a result, it feels very light in the hand.