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Kozuki Oden's "Ame No Habakiri" Katana (Oden Sword)

$99.99 CAD

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Background of Oden's Sword

Kozuki Oden is a samurai and a pirate that was formerly a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates in the anime and manga series One Piece. Coming from the island of Laugh Tale, Oden returned to his home in Wano and wanted to take his father's place as Shogun in order to open Wano's borders to the world. Unfortunately, he was executed by Kurozumi Orochi and Kaidou, after using the Ame no Habakiri to inflict a massive wound on Kaidou's indestructible dragon form.

The Ame no Habakiri (trans. "Snake-Slayer of Heaven") is an extremely powerful sword that Oden uses with its counterpart sword, the Enma. According to the swordsmith Tenguyama Hitetsu, the Ame no Habakiri is able to "slice through the heavens". The Ame no Habakiri is a Shobu Zukuri katana with a white color scheme, with gold flower designs and a trefoil-shaped crossguard.

Blunt replica of Oden's Sword

Our carefully crafted real sword is inspired by Oden's katana, including the colored carbon steel blade (toshin) and it's iconic shaped guard (tsuba). This metal replica is 101 cm (40 in) long and comes with a wooden sheath (saya). The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Specifications of our Oden Sword

Blade Length: 68.5 cm (27 in)
Blade Width: 0.5 cm (0.2 in)
Overall Length: 101 cm (40 in)
Guard dimensions: 10 cm x 7.5 cm (4 in x 3 in)
Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Material: Carbon Steel Blade
Sheath Material: Wood
Sharp: No

Sharp, battle ready version of Oden's Ame No Habakiri available here

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Justin Delgadillo
Review 7-20-23

Overall very pleased with the oden sword I received! There was a few scuff marks in certain areas, maybe happened during the shipping process. However, I will be buying more swords from this site in the future!

Della Lucas
Christmas present

I got it as a Christmas present for my boyfriend because he loves One Piece. He already had one sword from this character and always talked about getting the other one, and he loves it


other than the box being messed up and some scratches, the sword is pretty good