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Genji Fidget Finger Spinners

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Color: Gold Claw

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Background of Genji

Genji is the youngest son of Sojiro Shimada, the head of the Shimada criminal empire. When his father died, his brother Hanzo wanted Genji to be more involved in the empire, but Genji refused. The resulting battle between the brothers left Genji with life-threatening injuries. Rescued by Overwatch and rebuilt with cyborg parts, Genji became a formidable warrior, using his super-speed, strength, and ninja abilities as an Overwatch agent. Genji is known for his incredible agility and high-speed attacks.

Genji is known for using shuriken, which he throws, three at a time, with deadly accuracy towards his target. He can also throw 3 shuriken so that they fan out and hit a wider range of targets. The styles of his shuriken vary with his different skins.

Blunt replicas of Genji Fidget Finger Spinners

Our masterfully crafted Genji Overwatch fidget spinners are designed to look like ninja stars (shuriken) from the Overwatch game series, including their iconic designs. These handmade quality steel replicas each contain ball bearings. The edges of each fidget spinner are unsharpened, making them very popular toys for kids and young adults. They are also said to improve concentration and can be great cosplay photoshoot accessories. Sold individually.

Six styles available. Collect them all!

NOTE: Please select your colour/style from the drop down list. Six styles are available: Gold claw, black claw, gold triskelion, black ribbed, white triangular, black triangular.

Customer Reviews

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High quality

I bought one of these and they first of all, are really high quality, and they are fun to just spin when you are bored. Last thing, they make you play better with genji trust me. :)