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Royal Guard's Claymore (High Density Foam)

$79.99 CAD

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Background of the Royal Guard's Claymore

The Royal Guard Claymore is a rare and exceptionally strong weapon in the game. It has a base attack power of 72, making it one of the most powerful two-handed swords available. The sword has a royal blue hilt and a double-edged blade with an intricate design.

Legend has it that the Royal Guard Claymore was once wielded by the Royal Guards who served the Hyrulean royal family. These elite warriors were entrusted with protecting the royal family and the kingdom of Hyrule. The Royal Guard Claymore was crafted specifically for these highly skilled warriors to aid them in their duties.

However, as the Calamity Ganon began to rise in power, the Royal Guards faced an overwhelming threat. Many were slain during the battle against Ganon, and their equipment was scattered across the kingdom. The Royal Guard Claymore is one such relic from that era, left behind as a reminder of the heroic efforts of the Royal Guard.

The weapon is considered a rare find, and players can come across it in various locations within Hyrule. Its high attack power makes it an excellent choice for defeating powerful enemies and bosses throughout the game. With proper care, the Royal Guard Claymore can serve as a formidable weapon in Link's arsenal.

Foam replica of the Royal Guard's Claymore

Introducing our stunning Decorative High-Density Foam Replica of the Royal Guard Claymore. This exquisite piece is a must-have for avid fans and cosplayers seeking to bring the magic of Hyrule to life.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our replica captures the essence of the legendary Royal Guard Claymore. Made from high-density foam, it offers a lightweight and safe alternative to its metal counterpart, perfect for cosplay events, photoshoots, and display.

Whether you're a dedicated cosplayer, a passionate collector, or simply a fan, our Decorative High-Density Foam Replica of the Royal Guard Claymore is a fantastic addition to your collection. It's an exceptional prop for cosplay events, an eye-catching centerpiece for display, and a perfect companion for breathtaking photoshoots.

Specifications of our Royal Guard Claymore

Overall Length: 101 cm
Blade Length: 66.5 cm
Blade Width: 14 cm
Material: High Density Foam
Sharp: No

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