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Royal Claymore (High Density Foam)

$79.99 CAD

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Background of the Royal Claymore

The Royal Claymore is a powerful two-handed sword that Link can wield. It is one of the several unique weapons found throughout the game and is considered to be a high-tier weapon.

The Royal Claymore is associated with the royal family of Hyrule and is typically found in areas that have a connection to Hyrule Castle or the royal guards. Its design reflects the regal nature of the Hyrulean monarchy, featuring a golden hilt and a large, ornate blade.

As for the lore behind the Royal Claymore, it is implied that the sword was crafted specifically for members of the royal family or elite knights to wield. Its exceptional craftsmanship and immense power make it a symbol of status and strength within the game's world.

In terms of gameplay, the Royal Claymore boasts high durability and deals significant damage to enemies. However, like other weapons in Breath of the Wild, it can break after sustained use and requires careful management to preserve its effectiveness.

Players can find the Royal Claymore in certain treasure chests or by defeating powerful enemies, such as silver or golden Lynels. It is a coveted weapon due to its strength and is often sought after by players looking to enhance their arsenal for challenging encounters in the game.

Foam replica of the Royal Claymore

Introducing our exquisite decorative high density foam replica! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this replica sword is perfect for cosplay enthusiasts and avid fans seeking to immerse themselves in the world of Hyrule.

Designed to mirror the iconic weapon wielded by the royal family and elite knights, our Royal Claymore replica showcases the grandeur and regal essence of the original. The golden hilt, adorned with intricate engravings, exudes an air of elegance to this masterfully crafted piece.

Constructed from high density foam, this replica offers a lightweight yet durable alternative to conventional replicas, ensuring ease of use during cosplay events or immersive photoshoots. With its expertly balanced design, it strikes the perfect equilibrium between realism and practicality.

Our Royal Claymore replica not only captures the visual appeal of the original weapon, but also provides a safe and comfortable handling experience. The foam material eliminates the risk of accidental injury, making it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice cosplayers alike.

Unleash your creativity and bring your favorite moments to life with this stunning replica. Whether you're recreating epic battles or capturing captivating photographs, this Royal Claymore replica is sure to elevate your cosplay endeavors to the next level.

Specifications of our Royal Claymore

Overall Length: 101 cm
Blade Length: 66.5 cm
Blade Width: 14 cm
Material: High Density Foam
Sharp: No

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