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Seven Deadly Sins - Meliodas' Demon Sword Lostvayne

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Background of Meliodas' Sword

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Kingdom of Liones' strongest protectors in the anime and manga series Seven Deadly Sins. Failing to protect his lover Liz, the reincarnation of the goddess Elizabeth, Meliodas lost control of his emotions. In his wrath, he destroyed the kingdom of Danafor, gaining the title "Dragon's Sin of Wrath". As a member of the Demon clan, Meliodas is very much feared by his enemies and other demons, as his full power is second only to the Demon King himself.

Meliodas wields the Lostvayne, a sacred treasure that was created by Dubs, the Giant Clan's famous master craftsman. Meliodas' sword has a special ability called Jitsuzo Bunshin (trans. "Physical Clone"), which allows him to make up to six physical clones of himself. Meliodas' sword is a curved shortsword with five circular holes on the middle of the blade, along with five semi-circular holes on the other side of the blade. It includes a Dragon emblem on its hilt, with a green and silver blade.

Replica of Meliodas' demon sword Lostvayne from the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. 72cm. Carbon steel blade. Comes with leather sheath with belt loop.

Customer Reviews

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Kristen Ryan
Amazing, speechless

Love this so much , came in perfect condition, the staff here is also amazing and friendly. I cried getting this because of how great and accurate the product was very thrilled!!! Ive been recomending this company too all!! Very happy to have this for my collection as i am a huge seven deadly sins fan !!! Meliodas being my favourite!!

Angelina Vasquez
Angelina on Nov 9 2021

I received mine yesterday and i cried because of how amazing it was and i was speechless i never owned something like this before and I’m so happy that it was lostvayne I highly would recommend you guys to everyone that loves collecting swords!!💛💛

Tyler Luick
Good But...

The sword was awesome, high quality, nice weight, came unsharpened though. But the main thing id like to point out is that the bottom of the handle is supported by 2 wooden pieces that break easily, which they broke on mine, and that knocks off the meatal piece, so it doesn't stay on. But besides that I love it.

Kristen Ryan

Thrilled , it looks amazing the weight is great , design is great , had a bit of shipping problems but the staff was great very nice ! And im super happy with lostvayne its absolutely beautiful will deffintly be ordering from here , probaly alot , i have aldo reccomended too alot of people, and shared my pictures of it on a seven deadly sins fan group and got over 600 views , and lots of comments asking where they could buy , so i sent them here !

Kid Earth
Must have

Order came in today couldn’t have been anymore stoke to unbox it and well buy Lost Vayne yourself :)