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Dear fans in Winnipeg and Vancouver!

Hey everyone,

So I'm hoping to do a more detailed and proper update for you all, but I wanted to post this to at least say sorry to everyone expecting us to be at Vancouver Fan Expo and C4 Central Canada Comic Con this fall year. 

We will miss you and will be back in 2019 with a vengeance!

We had a blast last year at both those events and were fully planning to attend again this year, but alas, with the holiday season underway, a lot of changes have been happening lately! With staff training (yes, I have staff now!), plans for regular YouTube and rolling out store hours shortly, we won't be able to get a team together in time for both those events. As an old Simpson's episode once said boourns!

If you notice others posting in the blog, they don't bite. Their names are Jonathan and Derek. Also they might be answering some of our backlogged customer support emails. You're all just doing a really good job keeping me on my toes lately.

For anyone looking forward to seeing us in Vancouver or Winnipeg this fall, don't forget you can buy from us anytime on this website and if you have questions, we don't bite.

Until the next update (hopefully sooner than later), see you guys!

-- Laura, CEO Fire and Steel

(PS. How do you like my new title? We've incorporated now too)

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