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New 2018 Items Previewed on "Featured Products"

Happy new year everyone!

We'll be rolling out new products and restocking a lot of our popular items in the next few months. If you want a preview of some of our newest offerings, head on over to our Featured Products page.

We'll be adding the products slowly over the next few weeks.

Please note, these items will be tagged as "sold out" until we actually have them in stock. Most items are scheduled to arrive by April/May.

Please post any questions in the comments section. Chances are that others might have the same questions!

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Laura Suen - May 15, 2018


Yup. They just arrived! Check back in the next few days to see them listed.

sara - May 15, 2018

i was told at manitoba comic con that you guys would be carrying’s gun in the next month or so. i was just wondering if there was an update on when that’ll be available for purchase. I’m looking to find one before aikon in july. thank you!

Laura Suen - May 15, 2018


We’re getting those items produced at the moment. =) So stay tuned!

Mike - May 9, 2018

Will you be geting any darksouls,bloodbourn,monster hunter or xenoblade stuff if yes then iv got 3 thousend dollers to burn

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