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When our staff members tell someone they work at Fire & Steel, they get all sorts of reactions! Sure, we're not what you'd call your typical work place. With walls of weapons, swords, daggers and movie props surrounding us, it's easy to see how fun it can be to work here! Are you as sharp as one of our swords? Keep an eye out for our career opportunities because we're always posting jobs so fans like you can join our team! In the meantime, these videos will show you a bit of our behind the scenes. And don't worry... a lot of this is acted out for fun, we do get some work done around here - we swear!


Ronisha is our official TikToker! Yes, we actually hired someone to play with swords on TikTok all day. Our customers love taking a closer look at our pieces and props and Ronisha is here to make sure everyone knows exactly what they're getting before their order is shipped out! In this video, you'll witness one of her first days at work here at Fire & Steel; learning Kung Fu from one of our summer students.


The pandemic has been tough on everyone and also on our business. Still, here we are and hey - we've never been stronger! Find out how we coped with this crisis in a humorous way and take a look at our behind the scenes when we used to have a much smaller operation back in the early days of 2020.


Our Halloween Contest got serious real quick. Like, REALLY serious. We're a competitive bunch here at Fire & Steel! See for yourself how we managed to create spooktacular pumpkins carved only with swords, daggers, shurikens and... Captain America's shield?


2020 had already been a tough and stressful year, so we decided to come up with something fun, to spice things up a bit here at our offices... and a Halloween competition seemed to be just the perfect thing! Check out this video and see the special way we do team bonding here at Fire & Steel.


Social Distancing is now a part of our lives and sometimes, like they always say - if one doesn't want to follow the rules then, well... they may just get the ol' fork in the eye! See how we divided up and distanced our work spaces here at Fire & Steel and what methods we've used to keep safely away from each other in the office.


Back when we made this video, masks weren't even mandatory, can you believe that!? Well, the folks here at Fire & Steel took mask wearing to the next level. Who said you can't go to Wal-Mart wearing a Darth Vader mask?


For the holidays, we had a young customer make a special request for a Sword of Kusanagi but due to the pandemic, production was a bit delayed. But somehow, Santa pulled some strings and made some magic happen! We were able to deliver this custom-made Sword of Kusanagi and we ended up with a very happy mom and a very happy Naruto fan as well, just in time for the holidays!


Running a business specialized in swords is no simple task and handling the operations of getting our products to over 100 countries is also quite tricky to say the least. In this video, our CEO Laura reflects back on 2020 and shares some of the secrets that made Fire & Steel North America's #1 Store for Swords and Cosplay gear!


In case you haven't noticed, we've got a very particular sense of humor here at Fire & Steel and YES, we know this is actually how NOT to fire an employee! XD In this video, we tell you who the fruit-and-vegetable-slicing tall blond guy is in our videos is and why he just had to go!


These "ASK ME ANYTHING" videos can get out of control very easily, so we made sure NOT to filter any questions before handing them over to our CEO Laura! Have fun finding out more about the founder of Fire & Steel and what led us to become North America's #1 Store for Swords and Cosplays!


This International Women's Day we brought together some of the fierce females who work at Fire & Steel as they shared their stories and their views about working here and their own lives. Join us for an eye-opening look on what it's really like to experience the world of weaponry, memorabilia and geekdom as a female in this industry!


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