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COVID-19 Mar. 9 Update: In-Store Shopping Resumes, Select Products Delayed

To Our Amazing Customers,

We are trying to fulfill orders as quickly as possible while still maintain COVID-19 safety protocols. We are expecting several large shipments for product parts within the next week, so we will be shipping out all backorders by that point.
In-store shopping has now reopened. Our store hours are posted in the About Us page. If you are unsure of our store hours, please call us at: 647-564-3473.



Whenever possible, we are doing our best to contact customers whose orders are delayed. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience we may have caused.

If your order has not been shipped within 1 week of placing the order, it is likely due to one of the products being in one of our shipments that is due to arrive within the next week. Please be patient. We will be shipping everyone's orders as soon as possible.

We will keep customers updated as things evolve.


-- Fire and Steel Customer Support Team
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